ABC is not so easy as 123

I feel like we’ve been to the eye doctor and repeated first grade all at once. Letters were being tossed all over the oncologists’ offices yesterday. ACT, PET, CT, X-RAY, ER, PR, HER2. Good thing they get paid the big bucks to understand all that. In a nutshell, it means we are going to beat Shannon’s cancer into submission. Several more appointments this week, including that PET scan and a CT scan to look for any extraneous nasties.

Everyone’s been generous with delivering meals and helping out with Carter. My mom’s been a tremendous help getting Shannon to appointments while I’m at work. After we get the green light from the remaining tests, the tough road starts with chemotherapy in a couple of weeks. We continue to appreciate everyone’s patience and compassion. We will need more of that in the coming months through chemo, radiation, and hormone treatments. The best news is that our hospital is one of the leading breast cancer centers in the region. We are in excellent hands.

Speaking of Carter, I think I’ve solved my time management problem with keeping our new landscaping watered. Carter is eager to take over that role. He was rocking his Pink Heals T-shirt, carrying the hose and watering the plants. After chasing a grasshopper, we moved to the front yard where he proceeded to wash the windows and roof. It was even better when grandma and mom stood at the windows so he could get in some target practice. Unfortunately, his bubble mower does little to help in the lawn department. Definitely need to check with OSHA on that one.

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