Who needs sleep?

Sleep is highly over rated. Shannon’s first night after chemo went OK, even though she says she didn’t sleep the best. They gave her IV nausea medication at the infusion clinic so at least that was under control. She made a trip to the clinic in the morning to get an injection that will boost her white blood cell count back up before the next round.

Saturday was also the first day she could take the nausea pills they gave her. She was to take them every 8 hours in order to stay ahead of the curve. She was able to get some breakfast in, but, even on the pills, by the afternoon the flood gates had opened. Her oncologist wanted her to keep taking the pills throughout they day and keep drinking fluids, but if it still didn’t improved to call.

Things seemed to settle down slightly in the late evening, but not 100%. We got a few hours of sleep, but at 2:00 am, the routine started again. Her doctor ordered an immediate road trip. More IV anti-nausea and 2 liters of fluids. My iPad and the hum of the IV pump were my constant companions as I sat on uncomfortable chairs. When I couldn’t snooze, free Wi-Fi never left me too far from a Twitter or Facebook fix (or a new blog post).

Hopefully this will break the cycle. We got home a little after 6 with some more medicine, this time one you can take without water. Shannon and I promptly fell asleep. Grandma and grandpa took care of Carter when he got up so we could rest. She is going to take it easy the rest of the day, and will go back to the infusion clinic on Monday for more fluids. Everyone says we’ll get through this. I sure hope so.

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