Month: September 2010

I just want to thank you

Thank to all the readers. The blog is now open for comment and criticism. Adulation appreciated.

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I love my calendar girl

Scheduling all of the hospital visits and tests you need to do before starting chemotherapy is like hearing cats sometimes.

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American Pie, Cherry Pie, and Blueberry Pancakes

Just a story about a man and his kitchen.

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Celebrate! Happy Days Are Here Again!

It’s 5 o’clock on Saturday, and we just got the best news in the entire universe. There. Is. No. Metastasis. All of Shannon’s scans are clear. Just one tiny spot on her right pelvis, but in the immortal words of

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Word Up – Carter’s Vocabulary Lesson, Volume 1

How about one of those detours I promised. Today’s post is brought to you by Carter. He wants to share with you his new vocabulary. “Again” – noun. Any fun activity which must be repeated over and over and over.

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A little help from our friends goes a long way

Shannon has such a warm, generous spirit, even with everything we’ve been going through. Laughter is one thing we have a surplus of in our house. Last night over a bucket of fried chicken I asked for a breast, and

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The waiting is the hardest part

Quick update on Shannon’s PET Scan. They just took her back to nuclear imaging to start the process. Need to inject her with some dye for the scan to read. Could be an hour and a half before they are

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ABC is not so easy as 123

I feel like we’ve been to the eye doctor and repeated first grade all at once. Letters were being tossed all over the oncologists’ offices yesterday. ACT, PET, CT, X-RAY, ER, PR, HER2. Good thing they get paid the big

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Welcome to the Jungle – lawn care and chemo

Mowed the lawn for the first time since before Shannon’s surgery. It feels good to get rid of the jungle. Carter came out to watch, then he and his mommy were making faces at me through the window. Those kinds

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Here we go…

This blog is supposed to serve as an outlet for me as my wife goes through treatment for breast cancer. I don’t plan on only blogging about cancer or treatments, so this isn’t just another “one of those” blogs. There will be some detours.

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