Month: October 2010


Mom and Dad got a break this last weekend. Carter went on a mini vacation. It’s the first time in nearly two years that Shannon and I have had a weekend (or any end) to ourselves. Just the two of

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Ball of confusion

Nine years ago today I almost died. Dedicated to the memory of Robert Stevens, Thomas Morris, Jr., Joseph Curseen, Jr., Kathy Nguyen, and Ottilie Lundgren. Your sacrifice is not forgotten.

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AM Radio

My radio debut is today. Listen as I ramble on about the iPad, photograpy, and this blog. The show is the Red Wild Show, with Brian Matthews, aka Red Sneaker, and Scott Wild. They are thinking of making me a regular

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Time to get a real job

At least that’s what George Thorogood says. Shannon and I got haircuts shaved our heads Friday night. She started losing hair on Thursday before her second round of chemo, and she decided better to get it over with than sitting

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Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours ago

Twenty-four hours after Shannon’s first chemo treatment is when her worst nausea started, and 12 hours after that we were in the ER. We’re now more than 24 hours after her second treatment, and so far she is a thousand

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Come and knock on our door

The company is gone, and it’s been just the three of us at home the last few days. Shannon has worked a little, Carter has played hard, and Chris has sought professional help for his Pocket Frogs addiction (curse you Steve Jobs!). More company is on track for the next several days, while we cross our fingers that chemotherapy goes better this time.

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One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

I got a night out for the first time since this whole cancer thing broke loose. Our new neighbor invited me out for a pint. Shannon was all for it, and her dad is here to help with Carter so

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