The Thanksgiving Song

The wind is blowing and the snow is falling. The cold convinces you to stay indoors where it is warm enjoying the company of family and friends. There is a lot to be thankful for today. Shannon has four chemos under her belt, and only two more to go. Also, her dad and step-mom made it in from Minneapolis last night, with the weather less annoying than we first thought.

Carter is far too excited for his own good. He thoroughly enjoyed the Macy’s Parade this morning, clapping for the balloons and dancing hysterically when the Sesame Street float came by. He’s so excited, that today he finally managed to climb out of his crib when he was supposed to be napping.

Chris has been sequestered in the kitchen most of the morning getting dinner ready. Thank goodness for baby gates and grandparents to keep a two-year-old out of the way. we’re having quite the feast. Probably more than the four and a half of us can manage, but that’s why leftovers were invented.

The VandeVenter Thanksgiving menu consists of prime rib, Parmesan-mashed potatoes, baked mac and cheese au gratin, broiled asparagus, and homemade cranberry sauce. Dinner will be ready around 3 or 4. Please call ahead for reservations.

Stay tuned to this blog for further updates this weekend. There’s a little boy with a birthday tomorrow, after all, and if today is a indication he’ll have even more for us to smile at.

Best wishes to you all for a safe, healthy, a joyous holiday. We are thankful for all of your support, both for Shannon and for this little blog experiment of mine. We are truly blessed.

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