Month: January 2011

Cuts like a knife

Had my pre-op appointment today with my ENT in preparation for sinus surgery. I will be going under the knife for a change instead of Shannon. It’s my first surgery since I had my wisdom teeth out, and the first

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Rock-a-bye Baby

Carter in his toddler bed

Carter graduated to a toddler bed on Saturday. Mom and Dad were worried, since he’s quite the escape artist. But he loves it and crawls in on his own to go to sleep. Until tonight, that is.

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Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes

First post of 2011 brings you a recap of 2010. Twitter-haiku style. From the highs of a new family, to the lows of a third miscarriage, to the fear of cancer. Attention 2011. We’ve had enough, thank you very much.

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