Rock-a-bye Baby

Carter upgraded to a toddler bed this weekend. Early last week he started giving us trouble when going to bed, something he hasn’t done since he was 9 months old. He wanted to be rocked and snuggled, another anomaly (he generally hates being held). And he flipped out when we would turn off the light. He’s never been scared of the dark. That first night, he was up at 3 am and would not go back to sleep. Thankfully, grandma is here and volunteered to get up with him.

After a couple of nights leaving his door open and the lights on, it seemed to settle down. But he was constantly getting out of his crib, forcing Mom and Dad to put him back. So Saturday he got the big boy bed. He is tickled pink. He still wouldn’t go down easily, and got up to play in his closet or with his stuffed animals, but eventually he crawled into bed on his own and went to sleep. Night one was an unqualified success.

Tonight however, night two, we went to check on him. Not in his bed. Not in his closet. Guess where he wound up?

The rocking chair. Apparently the message is “If Mom and Dad won’t rock me, I guess I need to do it myself.”

What a little stinker.

Carter in his toddler bedCarter asleep in the chair

(We did move him back to the real bed, in case you’re wondering.)

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