More, more, more

Carter is obsessed with water. Showers have become the fun alternative at bath time, and he’d stay in there forever if we’d let him. As a result, we’ve had to learn new shower-related terminology. Presenting Part 2 of Carter’s multi-part vocabulary series. The definition of “More.”

A simple “more” means “Please, can’t I have a few more minutes?” The addition of one or more Ms (“M…m…m…more”) changes his request to a statement, as in “I’m really not done yet,” with the seriousness increasing with the number of Ms. The most serious is “No, no! M..m..more, Mommy (or Daddy)” This signals he is tired of our nagging. “I told you I’ll be done when I’m done. And I’m not done. Now go away before I splash you.” Well, at least he’s clean.

“More” can also be used in other water-based situations, such as watering the plants, filing the neighbors birdbath, swimming, or distracting Daddy with a request to play ball. That way you can “accidentally” throw it over Daddy’s head, grab the hose when Daddy isn’t looking, and drench Daddy with a well-timed spray while you laugh maniacally.

Well, Carter doesn’t know about Daddy’s Super Soaker. Game on, little dude.

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