Month: June 2011

Ice, Ice (cream) Baby

Bismarck Cancer Center is hosting an ice cream social for cancer surivors. I get to spend time tonight with my two favorite things. My wife and frozen desserts. What more can a guy ask for?

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Eye of the Tiger

I’m more than a little upset about that video of the lioness trying to eat the baby at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Not the video. It’s hilarious. But I thought Shannon and I had won the coveted “Worst Parents Ever” title in 2009 after the Tiger Incident at Dakota Zoo. Copycats.

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I Must Increase My Bust

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a Lords of Acid reference. Shannon’s cancer treatments are done, so now it’s time for her to get something else done. Surgery is tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted.

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Tweet Emotion

It’s time for that rarest of events. The Cancer Blog Guy is going to say something thought-provoking about technology. Don’t worry, I’ll connect this to cancer somehow. Of course, I’m talking about Apple’s 2011 World Wide Developers Conference currently underway

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