I’m Gonna Love You Through It

I just learned about Martina McBride’s new anthem for cancer survirors and their supporters (thanks for finding it Mom!). She sang it at the CMT Music Awards back in June, but the video was just released. It just screamed “blog this.” But I won’t. I’ll just let the song speak for itself.

WordPress won’t let me embed Flash video, and since the video is currently only available on CTM’s website, you’ll have to click the link below to watch it.

I’m Gonna Love You Through It

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2 comments on “I’m Gonna Love You Through It
  1. I am amazed and inspired to learn of the number of women who have beat breast cancer. I am newly diagnosed with stage 2A invasive ductal breast cancer. I am so afraid. I am overwhelmed at times. I am trying to read everything I can find. I am trying to stay positive and calm. This was comforting to me. Thanks so much for posting. Is there one bit of advice that helped you through your own experience that you could pass along?

    • Chris says:

      He best advice is you are never alone. Also, don’t get caught up in the stage numbers or the scary “invasive” part. Treatment the key. Shannon was technically somewherere between 3A and B and highly invasive. Large tumor, 12 of 13 lymph nodes positive for cancer, and a sizable tumor in one of the nodes. She had a total right breast mastectomy, plus chemo and radiation. The first two rounds of chemo knocked her on her butt, but the doc quickly reevaluated and got her on a cocktail that worked. Everyone reacts differently to chemo, so that’s not meant to scare you. As my wife is fond of saying, the worst thing for a hypochondriac like her is to get cancer.

      Get to know your oncology nurses. Check if your hospital has a patient navigator. Shannon’s stepmom is one is South Dakotam and we just got some in North Dakota. If you are going to have chemo, get to know your infusion nurses and pharmacist. They are there for you, too. Surround yourself with friends. Ask for help if you need it. Twitter and this blog were a huge outlet for me. I have some older posts that may help.

      Just remember cancer affects you and those around you. They may never have the right thing to say, but they are in pain just as you. Be there for each other. We got through cancer with a 2 yr old in tow and lots of help from family and friends, many whom drove hours from out of state to be there when we asked. It wasn’t easy, emotionally or physically, but she is now cancer free. The fact that I haven’t blogged in months is a testament to where we are now compared to a year ago.

      Good luck. She you on the Internets.

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