BisManApps is moving on but not moving out. Check out the new blog.

Fly me to the moonIt’s been about six months since the Random Facts of Life blog morphed into BisMan Apps. The original intent of the blog when it was founded in 2010 was to chronicle my wife’s battle with cancer from the perspective of a husband and father. Random Facts of Life will remain at where you’ll still find my witty and personal observations about life as the pop culture-obsessed spouse of a cancer survivor and parent of an overly-active toddler.

Where do we go now?

Technology related posts will continue as the BisMan Apps Blog, North Dakota’s only iOS-centric blog. The tone won’t change, and there may be some crossover between the blogs, I’ll be as witty as ever and my obsession with pop culture references will only increase. But it will be easier for my readers to find iOS app reviews tips and tricks with a dash of social media thrown in for good measure. I’ll be adding The Mobile Lens to the mix to bring you mobile photography centric podcasts and reviews inspired by lifeinlofiblog and

The name BisMan Apps might imply I’m gearing my audience to just Bismarck and Mandan in North Dakota. But as Self-proclaimed King of the Internet I believe it’s my duty to reach as broad an audience as possible. At least the Tri-State Area. So far, my blog has spread across North Dakota, and taken me as far as San Francisco, Texas, London, Paris, and Korea.

This reboot has a lot of great things in store. Hang on tight, cause it’s going to be a bumpy ride. If you have an iOS tip you’d like to share or questions about apps, I’d love to hear from you. Call or text me at (701) 5950-APP (595-0277); follow me on Twitter @bismanapps; like me on Facebook; or circle me on Google+. Operators are standing by. Or something like that.

Let’s get wild

Finally, a big thank you to WildInspire’s podcast network for providing web hosting space and production support for this old blog turned new again. Scott helped me break into podcasting with the Red Wild Show and the Top 3 Podcast. It’s great to be teaming up with him again.


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