Random Facts of Life is a blog that’s been fighting productivity since 1974. It is written by Chris VandeVenter (aka DCmacnut). Chris spent nearly 7 years working on Capitol Hill as a Senate legislative aide. The blog was founded in 2011 after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, and chronicles her journey through treatment and beyond. Now that she is cancer free, the blog is evolving into a more electric mix of anything that pops into his head, including technology and all things Apple, with a dash of humor and humility.

In 2008, Chris declared himself “King of the Internet” because no one else had claimed the title. Since then, he has taken social media by storm, and you can find him most days on Twitter @dcmacnut or on Google+. His first computer was a Commodore 64 (sweet!), but he’s been an avid Apple user for more than 20 years, starting with the Apple IIc.

You can hear Chris’s random musings about trivia, photography, and technology in past episodes of the Red Wild Show.