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How to be a better man through blogging (your results may vary)

The Random Facts of Life Blog still lives. How blogging about cancer gave me hope for the future.

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Tell me why

I’m going to take a small step back from tech blogging and enter cancer blogging mode again to tell you about the amazing people in the blogging and social media community I discovered after Shannon’s diagnosis. It has been a

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I Just Want to Celebrate

Shannon and I just got the best news in the history of good news. We won the lottery. Well, her most recent PET scan came back 100% clean, so it’s like winning the lottery, but so much better.

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The Sound of Silence

My perspective on the death of Osama bin Laden, how the news affected me personally, and an earnest attempt to make sense of the events of the last few days. As a first-person witness to 9/11, this post is my attempt to heal some reopened wounds.

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Love Fool

Carter helped cook dinner last night.

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Do the Huddle

This blog is officially 6 months old. I’ve been a social media convert since 2008, and blogging and podcasting since 2010. I couldn’t be more happier at the response. Today, I helped inaugurate the Social Media Huddle, a new a webcast in Bismarck where we talk about social media. And Charlie Sheen.

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Dream a little dream, part 2

In my Dream a Little Dream post last fall, I talked about Ambers Dream, a project to redesign the children’s wing of Medcenter One hospital in Bismarck. This spring, that dream will be realized. Check out the story over at

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In memoriam, Gene Bennie Singsaas (1943 – 2010), Husband, father, veteran, public servant, genealogy fanatic. Rest In Peace. We miss you.

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How to Shave a Life

Basin Electric and the Bismarck community are gearing up again for St. Baldrick’s on March 17. Our theme is Shave A Life. I’ve been conflicted over single purpose cancer charities in the past, particularly now that Shannon is going through breast cancer. But cancer doesn’t care if your 6 or 60. It will kill you if given the chance. We have to start somewhere. Please start by helping this worthy cause.

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Nobody nose the trouble I’ve seen

It’s been a little more than 48 hours since my surgery, and today I got to blow my nose for the first time. Doctors orders. That old saying “you don’t know what you miss until it’s gone” has probably never

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