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I wanna be sedated

Surgery day. After 30 plus years of sinus trouble, it’s time. Stay tuned to this space for my vidicon-infused post-surgical ramblings.

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Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes

First post of 2011 brings you a recap of 2010. Twitter-haiku style. From the highs of a new family, to the lows of a third miscarriage, to the fear of cancer. Attention 2011. We’ve had enough, thank you very much.

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Should auld acquaintance be forgot

Happy New Year, dear readers. The family are all snug in their beds, and I am not far behind. We VandeVenters sure know how to party on New Year’s Eve. But it’s already 2011 on the East Coast, and since

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Welcome to the Middle of the End of the Road

Blog post number 31 is about Chemo number 6. Radiation is still around the corner, but this is a pretty good halfway point to be at. Something great to celebrate the new year, and a New Year’s resolution to start posting more often again (again).

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The Thanksgiving Song

The wind is blowing and the snow is falling. The cold convinces you to stay indoors where it is warm enjoying the company of family and friends. There is a lot to be thankful for today. Shannon has four chemos

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We’re back from a brief hiatus. I understand some of you even missed us. We’ve been busy. Halloween, trick or treating, chemo number 3, more family visiting, and Chris is the new co-host of an on-line radio show. Good times.

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Ball of confusion

Nine years ago today I almost died. Dedicated to the memory of Robert Stevens, Thomas Morris, Jr., Joseph Curseen, Jr., Kathy Nguyen, and Ottilie Lundgren. Your sacrifice is not forgotten.

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Come and knock on our door

The company is gone, and it’s been just the three of us at home the last few days. Shannon has worked a little, Carter has played hard, and Chris has sought professional help for his Pocket Frogs addiction (curse you Steve Jobs!). More company is on track for the next several days, while we cross our fingers that chemotherapy goes better this time.

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One bourbon, one scotch, oneĀ beer

I got a night out for the first time since this whole cancer thing broke loose. Our new neighbor invited me out for a pint. Shannon was all for it, and her dad is here to help with Carter so

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Dream a little dream with me

I dream of a world without cancer. September was Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s not forget that cancer doesn’t discriminate, in people or body parts.

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