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  1. Introduce you our first App: TOKKS


    we would like to know your opinion on the first application we have published on the App Store, called Tokks:

    A new smartphone app (now for iOS: IPAD/IPHONE/IPOD and in a few time for android) developed to make our life easier combining a few icons you can send more than fifty different types of messages to your selected contacts.

    How many times we can not send messages because we have no time to writing, when we embarked on an airplane, we are in a meeting, or want to wish happy birthday to someone, we are into a car…

    Through a very friendly and easy interface, we first select our main contacts, choose the shipping method (SMS/Imessage, Facebokk, Email and Twitter), and the message to send combining icons in four screen taps.

    Your opinion will be essential to get us improve it in subsequent versions (we are working to remove it on Android coming soon).

    We created 4 different editions, FREE (free and limited to 5 main contacts, 5 functions and 17 different messages), the HOME (fee and has the FREE and 5 contacts ones and 5 more features added over 40 different messages), the BUSINESS (fee and has the FREE with 5 contacts ones and 5 more added features more than 30 different messages) and FULL (with all the others ones and all functions for sending more than 50 messages) and costs $ 1.

    If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us or visit the website: (in the App Store:

    Thank you for your attention and especially for the excellent work you do to disseminate new informations for all users that follow you like us.

    Best regards,

    Israel del Arco

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