One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

I got a night out for the first time since this whole cancer thing broke loose. Our new neighbor invited me out for a pint. Shannon was all for it, and her dad is here to help with Carter so Daddy got to go play. My neighbor’s from Ireland, so I took him to the only place (in my opinion) in Bismarck you can get proper pint of Guinness. East 40 Chophouse.

I know, right? An Irishman in North Dakota. He and his wife have two little ones about a year younger than Carter. We can already tell those three are going to be trouble with a capital “T.” The economy sort of kept them stateside. They were going to move back to Ireland, but apparently its economy is worse off then here. North Dakota was hiring so they moved west.

They’re great. It was nice to get out and get my mind off the other parts of life for a while. I imagine Shannon and I will both need a lot of that in the coming months.

Update 10/20: I think I had one too many when I wrote this. I couldn’t even get the damn lyrics right.

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