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Welcome to BisManApps 2.0

Gremlins invaded and decided to muck around, so this site is in the process of being restored. We will soon return you to your irregularly scheduled blog posts.

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It’s not all about the Pentiums – Intro to Mac class now available

Greetings fellow Internet citizens. I’ll be teaching a class through the BSC Community Enrichment program designed to give new Mac users an introduction to the OS X operating system. The classes will be held 6 pm to 9 pm on┬áSeptember

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Come with me to the Cape – iPhoneography with Jack Hollingsworth

It’s been nearly a year since my last post. In that time events in my families life took priority over blogging, but I never strayed too far from Twitter and my other social media accounts (you are following me, right).

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News: Learn the ABCs of iPhoneograpy at BSC

Announcing the first iPhoneography course in North Dakota. The class starts October 2. Head on over to Bismarck State College’s Enrichment site to register for the class now. This is going to be fun.

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Review: Go back in time with Pitfall! for iOS

My 10-year-old self is super excited about Pitfall! for iOS. The 1980s ruled!

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You’re Still The Best: Dcmacnut’s Top 10 Essential Apps for the iPad Revisited

My essential iPad apps revisited. Reblogged from Random Facts of Life. There have been new announcements about iOS since the post was first written. My list hasn’t changed much, but it’s time for a few updates.

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How to be a better man through blogging (your results may vary)

The Random Facts of Life Blog still lives. How blogging about cancer gave me hope for the future.

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Blogger Spotlight: It’s Raining Erin – Chatting about the weather and apps with a ND weather geek

Today on, we are launching a new semi-regular feature highlighting notable bloggers, their hobbies, passions, and most of all, their favorite apps. In this premier post, we are talking to my co-worker and fellow Apple geek, Erin Huntimer, who

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Rolling down the river

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Come and get it

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