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Shannon finished her radiation treatment more than two months ago, and we’ve headed into the next phase of recovery and monitoring. But it wasn’t until just last week that we hit what may be the biggest milestone yet. I was ousted as mayor of Medcenter One on Foursquare. Someone named Tara O is in charge now.

I joined this intersection of social media and the real world on a lark, but it proved useful in tracking the number of times Shannon and I went to the hospital for treatment. From her surgery in September 2010 until now, we’ve been to the hospital at least 34 times. That is the number of “check-ins” I’ve recorded. I never checked in every time we went, and only those times Shannon and I were both there for appointments. It also doesn’t include radiation treatments, which were at a different facility, and a few of them were for my sinus surgery in February. But it is still a pretty good guide to just how much time we spent at the hospital.

So, I’m glad I’m no longer the mayor. It’s a sign of better things to come. Besides, the nurses and doctors never seemed to understand the power I held as mayor of the entire hospital (i.e. none whatsoever). I’m sure I’ll reclaim the title by June 22, after we go back in for more oncology appointments and Shannon’s breast reconstruction surgery. For now, I’m sure the management is in Tara O’s capable hands.

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